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2019 African American Special Interest Group

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Rosiland Matthews, Facilitator says, come join us for the African American Lineage Special Interest Group meetings. African American research is a challenge in many ways. This SIG specializes in thinking outside of the box, as well as using conventional research methods to find those hidden ancestors.  As we cover the topics per the below schedule, step-by-step you will realize that your ancestors are hiding in plain sight. The majority of handouts and websites needed for this SIG are in the book published by Marsha Peterson-Maass; Fundamentals of Genealogy: The Most Helpful Tools You’ve Never Used. These are the pages you will see on the schedule of topics.

We meet every 4th Thursday of the month, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

 West Valley Genealogical Society Library, 1222N. 111th Ave, Youngstown, AZ. 85363.  Fundamentals of Genealogy Book can be purchased at WVGS Library.

FEBRUARY 28th  – Do you research your collateral relatives and neighbors in the census schedules? Now research the counties of importance to your research

MARCH 28th – The importance of using maps and land records in your research journey.  (County boundary changes, counties that no longer exist, county name changes)

APRIL 25th – Periodicals, Genealogy and Historical Societies and newspapers. (Genealogy Gold)

MAY 23rd  – Tips for researching small and large plantations. See April and Worldcat (OCLC).

JUNE 27th  – USCT – An overlooked source in African American research. The United States Colored Troops.

JULY 25th  – How to find Freedmen’s Bureau records. An outstanding source for African American research. Family search

AUGUST 22nd  – Wills, probate, and court records. This source is valuable for identifying families and documenting the location of your family at various times in history.

SEPTEMBER 26th  – How to find manuscript collections and why they are important!

OCTOBER 24th  – The Law. It is important to know the laws during the times our ancestors were alive. Google, and archive.gov.

NOVEMBER  21st – Cemetery Research. (Geonames). Once we find these precious grounds, what steps do we need to take as African Americans to make sure these spaces are preserved.