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Phyllis Grimes


Phyllis is passionate about the diverse field of genealogy and she presently holds the title, President of the Black Family Genealogy and History Society of Phoenix (BFGHS). Phyllis has attended numerous seminars and conferences, where she has expanded her knowledge in the field of genealogy research and DNA technology. Phyllis received a Certificate of Completion of DNA from the African American Midwest Genealogy Training Institute. Phyllis has volunteered her time in helping others find family members and constructing their family trees. One of her most memorable achievements was helping a friend, who was adopted, find her birth mother, using old fashion genealogy research and DNA technology. 

  • Phoenix, AZ, United States
  • (408) 444-6903
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  • www.bfghs.org

One of Phyllis’ favorite quotes

“The library is a wealth of knowledge and you can find books, periodicals, reference materials and if you look really hard, you will find your ancestors hanging out in the library collections, just waiting to be discovered. Phyllis is a graduate of Arizona State University where she graduated with a degree in Justice Studies.