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Tom Campanella


Financial Secretary

Role/Goal as officer:

I believe my number one goal, as Treasurer of BFGHS is to support the President, the Board and BFGHS Committees in achieving their short and long terms financial goals of our organization. My
second goal, as Treasurer is ensure that the financial plan/budget are followed in accordance with our Financial Handbook and guidelines. Oversee and manage BFGHS financial records and prepare reports on a monthly and quarterly basis for the Executive Board and accountant services. Chair the Budget and Finance Committee meetings as per scheduled meetings dates and recommend proposed edits and changes for the Executive Board and President approval. Organizational Goal – I will ensure to document and reconcile all BFGHS financial records pertaining
to income and expenses with the Financial Secretary and hired accountant services. Submit all financial records to the audit Committee and accountant for year-end financial reports filings.

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree
    European and Russian History, from DeSales University
    Associate Degree – Northampton Community College.
    Executive Director, St. Anthony’s Youth Center (1984 – 2002)
    Borough Manager/Treasurer Pen Argyl, PA. (2003)
    Executive Director, Dysart Community Center (2004 – 2009)
    Community Manager, Associated Asset Management (2009 –current)

Why I joined BFGHS:
I joined Black Family Genealogy & History Society initially to assist our organization in structuring our finances, but soon became interested in the research methods for my families history. As a
history student BFGHS has assisted me in learning thee various methods of research, documentation and preserving our families history. The fact that without realizing I have been
informally doing family research specifically on my grandparents, who have, lead to other family members that originated from Europe.

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  • (408) 444-6903
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  • www.bfghs.org

Personal Statement

My discoveries since joining BFGHS: Learning about how many of the BFGHS members are discovering multiple ways to do research and document their families history.